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He was born in a mountain village in Antalya in 1957.  He comleted primary school in the village where he was born, secondary school in Karaman as a boarding student and high school in Manavgat.
Between 1980-83 he continued his studies at the department of Turkish Language and Literature at Samsun 19 Mayıs University, but he couldn’t graduate because of the 12th. September  military coup, he was sent to prison. In 1987 he discovered a historical water mill in Ahmetler Canyon, which is up away from of Karpuzçay. Upon setting he lived there for 13  years with  his friends, wife and his two children. Dar Köprü (Narrow Bridge) consisits of  the poems of that period.

Since 1988 he has published his poems that he carried on struggling along “Son Yeni Biçem,Kıyı,Yaşasın Edebiyat, Bahçe, İnsan Şiir Defteri, Morca, S’imge” magazines for a long time. His first poem book  Dar Köprü was published in 2000 by Hera Poem Library.

He has been living in Antalya since 2000 and he has been studying as a text writer, on literature magazines, graphing concepts and desktop puplishing.

His poem book file called “Geniş Zamanlar, which is ready to be published, can also be reade as an expression of concern and worry og hectic city life, and as a struggle to keep up with the main time of love, hope and existence.

Translation from Turkish: Pembenur Güvenç Atasayar


Unwilling steps,
Understanding in the first, the last
Your feets not for shallow water;
Then pass the ways in your face.

Looking dreamy, the blue is hurt
Algae embraces the sadness of the rock,
Your rainings won't be late;
Then pass the clouds in your face.

The heart cuddles, shines the pearl,
Your banks cover your dreams with sand,
The wings of rainbow in deep;
Then pass the birds in your face.

You know, you've being waited in some place,
When you are hopeless, comes she quietly,
And will it be the light of Süveyda*;
Then pass the loves in your face.

*Süveyda: The black point in the heart (From Oriental Literature)

Oh, what a long journey
for this beautiful sun!
we began flying in our rainy days.

You were borned, we were borned… once again:
We've given ourselves a smile of deep blue!
the sea is between the earth
and the copper sky.

I hung the dawn to my branch,
my life had turned to a breeze.

I was staying in your path until evenings,
in your words, I sheltered.
The places often gone, are that I always returned.

I hung the dawn to my branch, I saw a sea.
After the sea, in that fume I died.


Night rounds up,
turns itself
When forgotten, defines its mean
a brunette memory
To far edge of the sky, it drops its voice...
smiles to orange, rose side of the dawn...
a cloud embraces,
spreads the day out...
A cloud in blue...

The mute time is breathing our shadow
The branch we cling to, is for the flowers.
The desolate sun, the lantern of poem.

From the shore to the path: your rose mirror.
Make the lantern flowered, stay with the sun.

Moment of silence. Tiny sorrow of the shadow.
Parenthesis of the sky is passing from our shores.

The body depresses the voice of love,
In the mountains, the foot step keeps on bleeding,
It shouts with its chained voice:

-Am I ready to meet her,
me, even and wise
with my roots in deep,
when she come quietly?

That, the rebuking in words,
today or tomorrow,
and that, the accured docile rancour,
I know, they will come and find me,
for wearing out the crown of defeat,
In the back, there is the blackened history.

That, the rebuking in words,
once again builds up
my insufficient story;
from beginning to end
and end to beginning,
to bleed my heart.


We were managing to sit back to back,
even in separate islands,
as two spoiled and wild children
who try to put the days side by side,
not one after another,
while listening the autoum's ballad!





I’m very proud to accompany the remarkable Turkish poet, ŞERİF ERGİNBAY, my dear friend, by my paintings and translations!…

By means of living in the same wonderful city of ANTALYA and sharing analogous souls, to work together was a pleasure for us!…

I believe that poetry and art go along together enriching each other as in this meaningful collective work…

Crossbred is always interesting and fantastic!… As interdicipliner arts…


Pembenur Güvenç Atasayar












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